Stephen Voyce

Associate Professor

I joined the English Department at the University of Iowa in 2011. My research and teaching explores twentieth-century poetry and culture, contemporary print and digital media, and the history of literary movements. I am the author of Poetic Community: Avant-Garde Activism and Cold War Culture (University of Toronto Press, 2013), the editor of bpNichol's a book of variations: love – zygal – art facts (Coach House Books, 2013), and the Director of the Fluxus Digital Collection. I have also published in journals such as Modernism/modernity, Criticism, Postmodern Culture, and Jacket2. 

My teaching pedagogy is informed by the work of Aime Cesaire, Vijay Prashad, C.L.R. James, and Cynthia Enloe, while my courses engage a diverse range of international and multicultural literary traditions.

I’m currently working on a book tentatively titled Dark Worlds, which investigates how writers, artists, and filmmakers engage the clandestine activities of the national security state. How do they help us to see anew a highly mediated form of warfare—both abroad and at home—that conceals the black ops, redacted docs, dark money, and classified landscapes comprising the secretive theaters of twenty-first-century warfare?

Before joining the University of Iowa, I worked in the music industry and as a SSHRC-postdoctoral fellow at the Modern Literature & Culture Research Center in Toronto, Canada. 

Research Interests:
Modern and Contemporary Literature
Poetry and Poetics
Marxist Criticism
Digital Humanities

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