You can help shape the future of literature. Add the Literary Publishing track to your English or English and Creative Writing major.

Books. Journals. Magazines. Blogs. Anthologies. Comics. E-books. Chapbooks. Audio books. Video games. Websites. The publishing world brings great writing to the public in many forms. 

Add the Literary Publishing track to your major, and you'll get hands-on publishing experience, led by professionals in the field.  

The English Department Publishing Track exposes its students to the history and practice of literary publishing while developing their skills in editing, proofreading, and writing with clarity and purpose. Courses range across print and digital media, and students who complete the track will have experienced hands-on work in the field and gained insight into career opportunities.

The Literary Publishing Track is open to any student majoring in English or English and Creative Writing. The track courses will count towards the English major but will, in most cases, involve taking extra hours beyond the standard major.