Would you like to...

  • take honors courses in English or English & Creative Writing that improve your writing and research skills?
  • take classes with other motivated students who share a similar love of language and learning?
  • prepare yourself for graduate or professional school? graduate with honors in English?

The English Honors Programs (EHP) present these opportunities and more. The department offers two tracks corresponding to our two majors: Honors in English and Honors in English & Creative Writing. Graduating with honors in the English department takes at least three semesters, so consult our membership requirements and join as soon as you qualify.

Join the English Honors Program

In order to join the EHP, you must be an English or English and Creative Writing major, have at least a 3.33 UI GPA, and be interested in taking on the challenge of honors work. We recommend that students earn an A- or better in two or three English courses before enrolling in honors coursework.

Students with a lower GPA, strong interest in an honors courses, and willingness to work hard can also do well in our courses. Just explain your circumstances in the online information form. In compliance with the University Honors Program, students must have at least a 3.33 UI GPA and a 3.5 English GPA at the time of graduation in order to graduate with honors in English.

To join the English Department’s Honors Program, you will need to notify one of the two departmental advisors in English who will update your account and your audit to reflect that you are in departmental honors. This should usually be done by October 1st of the junior year if possible.  Your embedded English department advisor can answer most of your questions about honors in the major (courses, projects, process and benefits). 

If you are interested in extra activities within honors such as independent projects, research, or graduate school preparation, then contact the honors director,  Professor Lori Peterson Branch to discuss exceptions.

Other Opportunities for Honors Students after Graduation

These competitive programs require students to prepare during their junior year even though you would not participate until after your senior year. Consult with your advisor.

University of Iowa Honors Program

In addition to honors in the major, students may pursue honors study and activities through membership in the University of Iowa Honors Program. University honors students must maintain a 3.33 GPA, complete 12 semester hours (s.h.) of coursework designated as honors courses, and complete 12 s.h. of an experiential learning project. Visit Honors at Iowa to learn about the University's honors program.

NOTE: Membership in the UI Honors Program is not required to earn honors in the English or English and Creative Writing major.  Honors in the major MAY complete all of part 2 of the UI Honors Program if you are in both.