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Declare your major in English or English and Creative Writing and join our diverse and thriving community. 

Studying writing and literature at Iowa is more than a fun way to immerse yourself in the world of books and surround yourself with hundreds of like-minded students and professors. It's also a pathway to a successful career and fulfilling life. 

The study of literature brings us deeper understanding of our shared cultural history and our unique lived experiences, while the study of creative writing teaches us the power of our individual voices. Together, these empower us to advocate for a fairer society, a healthier environment, democratic values, and our own personal happiness. 

Employers tell us that above all, they want to hire people who work hard, who are creative thinkers and problem-solvers, and who are excellent communicators—exactly the skills you'll learn in English at Iowa. Our graduates go on to a broad range of careers in publishing, the arts, the nonprofit sector, and business. Many become public school teachers, and still others go into law or politics and public service. 

Iowa is famous across the nation and around the world for our deep, ongoing impact on American literature. We're ranked as the top public university in the country for writing, and Iowa City was the first American city named a City of Literature by UNESCO. 

Join our English at Iowa community—and find out for yourself why we're the best. 

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Why study English and Creative Writing at Iowa?

Why Iowa?

Meet some of our current undergraduate students and find out why English and Creative Writing at the University of Iowa was the right choice for them.

Peer Mentors

The peer mentorship program provides you with the opportunity to reach out to those who have gone before you in your respective field, and to learn from them.