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Graduate Webforms

Ph.D./MA Literary Studies

English - Application for Candidacy for Ph.D. Qualification

English - Ph.D. Annual Financial Aid Support Application

English - Record of MA or Ph.D. Graduate Independent Study

English - Record of English Undergraduate Course Taken for MA or Ph.D. Credit

English - Ph.D. Travel Award Application

English - Eligibility to Sit for Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination

English - Ph.D. Comprehensive Portfolio Form

English - MA Portfolio Form

English - Honors Course Application for GEL TAs

English - Electives Course Application for GEL TAs

English - Program Associate Application for GEL

English - GEL Service Learning Section Application 

English - Class Visit Form for PAs and Faculty Advisors

English - Outstanding Teaching Award Nomination

MFA Nonfiction

English - Record of MFA Nonfiction Graduate Independent Study

English - Record of Undergraduate Course Taken for MFA Credit

English - NWP MFA Travel Funding

TA Summer Session signup

TA Summer Sessions for ENGL:1200

Campus Inclusion Team Reporting Form

Form for University of Iowa Students to Report a Concern/Issue to the University


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