E Puluribus Barnum


Old and new New Englanders: Immigration and Regional Identity in the Gilded Age book cover




Boos-William Morris's Socialist Diary.jpg


History and Poetics in the Early Writings of William Morris, 1855-1870 book cover


Lost Origins of the Essay


Making of the American Essay book cover


Halls of Fame


The Lifespan of a Fact book cover


Next American Essay


history of the essay


Book cover: Body Work by Melissa Febos


Book cover: Girlhood by Melissa Febos


The Fence and the River


Making Art Panamerican


The Latina/o Midwest Reader cover

Book cover: After the Program Era: The Past, Present, and Future of Creative Writing in the University by Loren Glass


Book cover: Authors Inc. by Loren Glass


Book cover: Carole King's Tapestry by Loren Glass




Counter-Culture Colophon book cover

Book cover: Networking Print in Shakespeare's England: Influence, Agency, and Revolutionary Change by Blaine Greteman


The Poetics and Politics of Youth in Milton's England book cover

Imagining a Medieval English Nation


Angels on the Edge of the World: Geography, Literature, and English Community, 1000-1534


Essays in Memory of Richard Helgerson


The Accommodated Jew





Seven Poets,, Four Days, One Book, 2009.jpg


The Tree of the Doves, 2011.jpg

Book cover: Telling America's Story to the World: Literature, Internationalism, Cultural Diplomacy by Harry Stecopoulos


Book cover: A History of the Literature of the U.S. South by Harry Stecopoulos


Reconstructing the World

Book cover: Intimacies in Borrowed Light by Darius Stewart


Book cover: Streisand: The Mirror of Difference by Garrett Stewart


Book cover: Book, Text, Medium: Cross Sectional Reading for a Digital Age by Garrett Stewart


Book cover: The Value of Style in Fiction by Garrett Stewart


Book cover: Cinemachines: An Essay on Media and Method by Garrett Stewart


The One, Other, and Only Dickens book cover


Transmedium book cover


Framed Time




Closed Circuits book cover


The Look of Reading


Between Film and Screen Modernisms Photo Synthesis book cover


deed of reading

Book cover: FieldWorking by Bonnie Sunstein


What works? book cover

Philosophy, Revision, Critique: Rereading Practices in Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Emerson book cover


Scale in Literature and Culture


Time Travel: The Popular Philosophy of Narrative