Faculty Colloquium: Stephen Voyce, "Objects of War"

February 28, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Gerber Lounge, 304 EPB

imranovi photo Synopsis: Voyce examines the work of artists, poets, and filmmakers confronting anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia in an age of mass surveillance and permanent conflict. 

Bio: Stephen Voyce is associate professor of English at the University of Iowa, where he also holds appointments in the Digital Studio for the Public Arts & Humanities and the Center for the Book. He is the author of Poetic Community: Avant-Garde Activism and Cold War Culture (University of Toronto Press, 2013), the editor of a book of variations: love – zygal – art facts (Coach House Books, 2013) and the Director of the Fluxus Digital Collection. Voyce is currently at work on a book about twenty-first century culture, surveillance, and warfare.

Photo credit: Imranovi, Thinker, 2013.