Conor Hilton

PhD Graduate Candidate

Conor Hilton is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Iowa, where he’s currently a General Education Literature (GEL) instructor, and a tutor in the Writing Center. His research is focused on the postsecular and British literature from the long 19th century. Conor is also interested in the Gothic, film, religion, and adaptation theory. His dissertation, “‘Time is Out of Joint’: The Postsecular Gothic from the French Revolution to World War I”, focuses on exploring the ways that time in Gothic novels reflects a 19th-century Britain haunted by a longing for a religious past. Conor has presented his work at the International Conference on Romanticism, the Craft Critique Culture Conference, and the Mormon History Association.

Prior to coming to the University of Iowa, Conor earned his MA in English at Brigham Young University, where he taught first year composition courses. During his MA, he also worked as the Associate Coordinator of BYU’s Writing Fellows program. Conor holds an additional MA from the University of Iowa.