Anne Stapleton

Emeritus Professor of Instruction

My teaching and scholarship explore literature and culture of late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Great Britain, with a particular focus on Scotland. Archival research in England and Scotland led to my book entitled Pointed Encounters: Dance in Post-Culloden Scottish Literature (2014, in the SCROLL series from Brill-Rodopi Press).  Tracing the central motif of Highland dance as an outwardly conforming but covertly subversive expression of Scottish identity, my book investigates Scottish musical traditions and literary forms developed between 1750 and 1830. 

In 2017, I launched Under the Banner of Waverly, a digital research project exploring connections between Walter Scott’s Waverley novels, the first modern bestsellers, and the swath of American towns named Waverly, which can be viewed here.

Courses taught
The British Novel: Scott to Butler; Introduction to the Novel; Honors First-Year Seminar (Victorian Medical Mysteries and Their Modern Counterparts); Literature and Culture of Nineteenth-Century Britain; Literature and Culture of Nineteenth-Century England; Literature and Culture of Nineteenth-Century Scotland; Reading Novels; Reading Short Stories; Selected Authors: Walter Scott and George Eliot; Selected British Authors Before 1900: Jane Austen and Walter Scott; Selected British Authors: Charles Dickens and Margaret Oliphant; Selected British Authors: George Eliot and Oscar Wilde; Selected Works of the Eighteenth Century; Topics in British Culture and Identity (Diabolical Doctors, Patience Proponents, and Infectious Intrigue in Victorian Fiction); Topics in British Literature (A Question of Identity: Fiction of the Fin de Siècle; Telling Tales: Short Stories from Great Britain & Ireland); Victorian Literature (Remarkable Women: Victorian Narratives of Quest and Transformation); and Women in Literature.

Anne Stapleton

315 English-Philosophy Building (EPB)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States