Aileen Tierney

PhD Candidate

Aileen Tierney is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Iowa. She studies avant-garde/experimental literature of the 20th-21st century with an emphasis on the emergent methodologies of the digital humanities. 

Aileen is currently pursuing the Public Digital Humanities Certificate through the University of Iowa’s Digital Studio and strives to deepen the study of literature in the 21st century through the application of computational technology to literary texts. She is currently an instructor for Rhetoric and has previously taught as a TA for Foundations of the English major. 

Before Iowa, Aileen lived in Kentucky. She is a native of Louisville, KY and received her BA in English from the University of Kentucky. Prior to graduating, she served as the Digital Editor of the Early American Literature academic journal and worked in college radio. Aileen has also served on staff for the creative writing discipline of Kentucky’s Governor School for the Arts. She is Sarabande Books’ 2019 Flo Gault poetry prize winner and has been featured in Sarabande’s Louisville-centered poetry anthology, Once a City Said, curated by Joy Priest.