PQ is an international refereed journal that welcomes submissions on any aspect of medieval European and modern literature and culture. Special issues on particular themes, under guest editorship, also appear regularly in our pages, as do solicited book reviews. Some of the articles we publish pay close attention to textual details, while others take textuality itself as a central analytical category, a realm that includes physical bibliography, the sociology of knowledge, the history of reading, reception studies, and other fields of inquiry.

To be published in PQ, a manuscript should be persuasive in its claims, careful in its handing of evidence, accessible in its written style, and current in its consideration of relevant scholarship.

Editor: Eric Gidal

Editorial Board: Matthew Bevis, Lori Branch, Matthew P. Brown, Margaret J.M. Ezell, Robert D. Fulk, Adam Hooks, Kathy Lavezzo, Maura Nolan, Judith M. Pascoe, Alvin Snider, Cynthia Wall, Jonathan Wilcox.

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