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Jonathan Wilcox

Jon Wilcox
Professor, Associate Chair
450 EPB
Curriculum Vitae:

Research Interests

Anglo-Saxon Language & Literature

Research Interests

Anglo-Saxon culture — the literature, language, and thought of early medieval England — lies at the heart of my professional activity. I teach courses that introduce students to the language and literature of Anglo-Saxon England and explore aspects of that culture in my writing. One strand of my continuing research centers on uncovering the nature of Anglo-Saxon christian culture, as in my book Ælfric's Prefaces (Durham, 1994); another strand centers on attention to manuscripts as a foundation for our knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon intellectual world, as in my catalogue of Wulfstan Texts and Other Homiletic Materials (Tempe, 2000); while a third strand involves the broad investigation of gestures and emotions from the past, as in the edited collections Humour in Anglo-Saxon Literature (Cambridge, 2000) and Naked Before God: Uncovering the Body in Anglo-Saxon England (Morgantown, 2003). All three strands come together in a current project investigating the imagination of books, An Extreme Material Reading of the Word in Anglo-Saxon Culture. My involvement in the field internationally includes past editing of the Old English Newsletter and serving on the executive committee of the MLA and the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists. I enjoy teaching a whole range of medieval courses, particularly those that explore the literature of early medieval north-west Europe.