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English & Education (Teacher Education Program)

Service Learning English class

Approximately 15% of our majors choose to prepare to teach English at the high school level.  In 2019 their GPAs ranged from 3.2 to 4.01.  We believe that we should send our strongest students out to teach this subject because we want the next generation of readers and writers to be well prepared. If you feel a calling to share your love of literature and writing with teens, please give serious consideration to this field of study.  Our graduates experience good job placement and are welcomed in many states across the country. Their salary is average to above average compared to other graduating B.A. students.

(If your goal is to teach at the college level please discuss this with your advisor. Generally speaking those students do not go through the Teacher's Education Program).

Students can complete both the English major (or English and Creative Writing) and the Secondary Education certification, one of the most popular options in our major. Many students do four years of coursework and then one semester of student teaching because it allows them a little more flexibility in their schedule, but it is possible to graduate in four years if they begin planning right away. If you intend to get an ALL endorsement (to coach drama/speech and lit mags/yearbook) or theatre minor in addition to the English major and TEP you should probably plan on a total of nine semesters or summer classes.  

Here is a link to a chart that will help you plan and shows you the required courses for both the English major and the Secondary Education Certification: 

English Department: Plan for Study (TEP) Chart

English and Creative Writing Plan for Study (TEP) Chart

It is important to start working with an Education advisor as soon as you have applied and are accepted to the Teacher’s Education Program.