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Creative Writing Seminars

Applying for Admission to the English & Creative Writing Seminars

Applicants must have declared the English & Creative Writing major and they must have reached sophomore standing, with at least 24 hours completed at the University of Iowa. Transfer students who fall under this amount should consult with an English advisor.

Submit your portfolio during the one-week window, by way of the online portal. Information about steps to take for this webform application process is available below.

Fall 2020 Seminars in creative writing will be ENGL 4012: Honors Seminar in Fiction: Biographical Fiction taught by Prof. Louisa Hall, and ENGL 4012: Honors Seminar in Fiction: The Great Gatsby 2.0 taught by Prof. Harry Stecopoulos.

Submission Guidelines for Honors Seminars in Fiction – FALL 2020

1) Submissions are accepted for ONE WEEK ONLY: February 17-24 through this webform ( Submissions received outside that period may not be considered.

2) We are offering two Honors courses in Creative Writing in Fall 2020. You may only submit to one course. Under Submission Type, please select one of the following: FICTION (Biographical Fiction – Hall), or FICTION (Great Gatsby – Stecopoulos).

3) Upload, as a single file, up to 15 pages of FICTION. This may be one piece, multiple short pieces, or part of a larger project, as long as the document does not exceed 15 pages in length (double-spaced). Submissions above 15 pages may be disqualified.

4) Please use standard manuscript format (double-spaced, 12-point type, margins of at least one inch, pages numbered, name on first page).

5) Again, you may only submit to one of the courses. Multiple submissions may be disqualified.


Application period: Monday, February 17 - Monday, February 24

Report-back date: by Friday, March 27

Early registration: Monday, April 13