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2020-21 Undergraduate Recognition Ceremony

Welcome and Congratulations to the Seniors from December 2020 and May 2021

We are proud of these students who have persevered through a pandemic, national and local racial tensions and political upheaval.  We believe that your voices and the perspectives you have shared and learned during your time at Iowa will change the world.  Please keep in touch and keep us updated about your life! Email us at with updates. 

Thank you to the families and friends who have supported these students throughout their education.

Please enjoy the senior slideshow 

We apologize in advance if we left anyone off.  We tried to use applications for graduation but with three people working on this, we could have missed someone.  Thank you for early forgiveness. We love you!


Graduate Slideshow

Paige Wolf's name is misspelled, we are sorry.  But Page is maybe appropriate for English majors? ;)


Friday, May 14th 

Watch the 2021 Senior Undergraduate Recognition Ceremony


Photo of EPB and bridge


Please join us after the ceremony for the VIRTUAL RECEPTION where you can mingle with faculty and advisors

The Rooms are Closed. Thank you for coming


Other Non-English Awards and Scholarships earned by and reported by Seniors:

The history department has honored Benjamin Yusen and Hunter WJ Koontz as winners of the Fifth Annual Dante Prize for an Undergraduate Essay on a Medieval Topic. Their honors have been shared on the History website here:

Ellie Zupancic  the Hogan Family scholarship, Ralph K. and Maxine J. Hibbs scholarship and the Rhodes Dunlap Collegiate Scholarship for Scholars in the Third Year (honors program).  I also defended and submitted my honors thesis in philosophy this semester, titled Universalizing Adaptive Preferences. 

Caroline Meek has been awarded the Honors at Iowa Scholars Award 

Nichole Shaw has been awarded: 

  • National Scholars Award
  • Center for Advancement Research Development Award
  • Academic Success Scholarship
  • Alexander Kern Liberal Arts & Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • African American Studies Leadership Award

Satori Good has been awarded the Honors at Iowa Scholars Award