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English & Education Requirements

First Two Years in Education:

1st Year:

4-5 general education courses including a teacher’s program approved Quantitative/Formal Reasoning (this mean Statistics or Calc, not Philosophy or Comm QFR). You can see approved QFR by running an English TEP what-if audit.

but NOT Values and Culture Gen Ed as that will be fulfilled by Education course EPLS 4180 and NOT Interpretation of Literature as English majors take two Lit, Visual and Performing Arts gen eds instead of Lit gen ed.  

World Language sequence if student still needs it

ENGL 2020 or 201* (depending on which major you are doing, 2020 is for English & Creative Writing, 201* Reading & Writing About -- is for regular English)

ENGL 2010

2nd Year:

(Take Praxis core test and volunteer 10 hours in high school and get two letters of recommendation from faculty)

remaining gen eds (still not taking VSD)

EPLS 3000 Foundations of Education

EDTL 4900 Foundations of Special Education

PSQF 1075 Educational Psychology and Measurement

4 English major courses including ENGL 24**/34** and ENGL 23*/33**  (pay special attention to time periods and areas required on chart, do not take Lit Theory)

World Language sequence if students still need it


3rd Year:

Fall: Apply to TEP by October 1st

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