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Science Research:

This is not the most common area of employment for English majors, but if you are a double major in a science field, your English skills will come in very handy. Talk to a faculty member such as Barbara Eckstein about the intersections between those who are interested in, say, the environment and those who are writers.  

Library Science:
English majors often have a great appreciation for the staff who work full-time at a library.  

Some libraries will hire you with your bachelor's degree but to earn a more solid salary or to move up the ranks or to work in larger libraries you will most likely need to get a graduate degree.  You can get a master's in library and information science and work in public libraries, college libraries, business libraries or law libraries.  There are many avenues that this program can take you. You will need to take the GRE exam in your junior year or summer after your junior year to apply to most library programs.  Learn more about the program here at Iowa but clicking on the link below.

School of Library & Information Science 

Social Science and Research:

Nikki Blacksmith is a graduate who went on to graduate school in a different field and has ended up in researching the intersection of psychology and business. 

In 2017 Nikki wrote: "I am currently an instructor and doctoral candidate studying Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I used to be an I-O psych consultant at Gallup, Inc before deciding I wanted to return to academia.  I'll be applying for faculty tenure track positions next year. I also co-author a quarterly column (our last article here: for The Industrial Psychologist  ( and am newsletter editor for Those two things may be of interest to the English students.Here is my website if you want more detail:"

LBH (research internships)

Carle Foundation


St Francis Healthcare 

Cook Group

Museum Studies:

Students may consider adding the Museum certificate (7 courses) to their English major.  Possible internships exist at the African American Museum in Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Herbert Hoover Library/Museum and Peabody Essex Museum


Check here for jobs

Possible Faculty Mentors in Book Arts:

Matthew Brown

Loren Glass

Adam Hooks


All Faculty are good mentors for research component