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Health and Wellness

English majors who are interested in the health or wellness fields are encouraged to get a second major in Health and Human Physiology, Exercise Science, Aging Studies (if you want to work with senior citizens) or Sport and Recreation management. There is also excellent Public Health certificate (or B.A./B.S. degrees) if you want to work on sociological issues or policies regarding health in our communities.

 If you are planning to go into graduate schools in the health sciences (Pharmacy, Medicine, Dental,etc.) then you do not need a second major but you do need to follow the "pre-health" coursework.  Your advisor can help you with this and you can declare "pre-x" and get an additional advisor to guide you as well.   Generally speaking those science courses take two slots per semester.  You will follow the science structure and fit English in around it. 

English majors find their reading, writing, communication skills and the study of human nature and motivation is a great supplement to scientific and wellness studies.   Our majors are able to articulate their ideas to clients or patients, write successful grants or research, and market their skills successfully.  

Settings one might work in may include fitness center, hospital, rehabilitation center, senior citizen center, YMCA, community recreational setting, or a grocery store teaching about nutrition. One also finds our majors making policy for local or national government health-related offices or doing fund-raising for cancer.  

We had a student go to work at Becker's Healthcare (healthcare media company in Chicago) and they welcome our students to do writing/reporting related to healthcare field.  Kate has contact name for the recruiting manager there. 

Internship Ideas

Sports Internships in Chicago Area

Sports Social Media Internships in Colorado

Rough Riders in Cedar Rapids

Possible Mentors in the Department:

Anne Stapleton

Barb Eckstein