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Environment and Sustainability

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Mallory Becraft, Alicia Joens or Lynne Sebille-White  

This is an increasingly popular field and English majors can be found playing many roles.   In many cases you will want a double major or a minor to be the most effective in your given career field.  Possible options for combining these interests include:

- writing about the environment for newspapers, magazines, websites

- educating kids about nature in national parks or nature centers

- lobbying government officials to change policies regarding the environment

- marketing environmentally friendly businesses (wind power, solar power,etc.)

- writing research grants for scientists working in the given fields that interest you

- doing research yourself and writing it well so that it can be published widely

- running a non-profit organization that works to effect change in the world

Each of these might suggest a different double major or minor.  Some options include: Environmental Sciences, Ethics and Public Policy, Biology, Geoscience, Chemistry, Anthropology (Environmental), Environmental Policy and Planning, Geography (Environmental Studies).  You can explore these through General Education courses and choose one as a sophomore or junior.  

The scientific field gives you the vocabulary and insights of that field while the English major gives you the ability to read complicated materials and make sense of them, to articulate your point of view and argument, and to understand the impact of the natural world on humans as well as sharing that story with others.  Your writing skills gained through both literature and writing courses will help you stand out among your peers in the scientific world. 

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Possible Mentors in the Department:  
Barbara Eckstein 

Eric Gidal 

Linda Bolton

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