Study Abroad


Group of students standing with ocean behind them holding an Irish flag and an American flag
Irish Writing Program participants, summer 2017, with Professor Phillip Round

Students interested in studying abroad should visit the Office of Study Abroad to learn about the various options for locations and programs available.

Planning should begin approximately 6 months before you want to travel (most students go in their junior year but other times are possible).   The study abroad office will first ask you to browse to determine a possible country and then you will meet with a counselor for one-on-one planning assistance to choose specific program.  Popular programs for English majors include: Great Britain (Scotland, England, Wales), Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand,  but students should keep in mind that this is not the complete list of program possibilities as you may want to go somewhere to study another language or major.    

After visiting the Office of Study Abroad, students should then meet with their advisor to discuss whether possible courses may meet requirements for the English major.  A course description or syllabus may be needed in order to do a preliminary evaluation of transferability to the major..  Once students return from their study abroad experience, they should schedule another appointment with Kate or Zach to finalize credit transfers for the English major.  This cannot be done until the transcript for your study abroad program reaches Iowa and the grades are posted.  

You may also meet with your advisor early in your academic career to think about which country might be best given your interests and to plan which courses to "hold back" to take while abroad.