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Sarah Minor's new book, Slim Confessions, to be published Oct 15

Oct 12, 2021
Slim Confessions cover

Sarah Minor is from Iowa. She is the author of Bright Archive (Rescue Press 2020) and The Persistence of the Bonyleg: Annotated, a digital chapbook (Essay Press 2016). Minor is the recipient of a Research Fellowship to Iceland from the American-Scandinavian Foundation and was awarded the 2018 Gulf Coast Barthelme Prize in Short Prose. She co-directs the Cleveland Drafts Literary Festival and teaches Creative Writing at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, where she lives with the writer Thomas Mira y Lopez.

About Slim Confessions

Slim Confessions is an image-text about digital intimacy and visceral material. A work of “autotheory,” the book lays in parallel the history of “slime” as a vehicle for horror and entertainment with personal encounters with quotidian slime in the human and animal worlds. At its center is a story of farm labor: A cold spring spent birthing sheep in northern Iceland interspersed with confessions about the author’s sexual past. In the lineage of Dodie Bellamy’s “Barf Manifesto,” this is a book reveling in repulsion and attraction, a personal investigation of physical touch as approximated by visual media, a slow pour of parallel stories that chronicle a research trip gone awry.