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Professor Louisa Hall's new book, Trinity, receives rave review in NYT

Nov 19, 2018
J. Robert Oppenheimer at meeting of the Joint Atomic Energy Committee, in June 1949

“Then the earth under our feet lurched toward the mountains, and the mountains tilted a foot to the right, and the trees leaped off the sides of the mountains.”

This is how, in Louisa Hall’s brilliant third novel, a young member of the Women’s Army Corps working at Los Alamos remembers the test of the first nuclear weapon, code-named “Trinity,” on July 16, 1945. A vivid image of dislocation isn’t unexpected in a work about the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, often called “the father of the atomic bomb.” What isunexpected is the use Hall makes of that image — and of Oppenheimer’s entire public life.