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English PhD student Enrico Bruno creates course with focus on queer history

May 12, 2021
Grad student professors, Aiden Bettine and Enrico Bruno

Over the spring semester, 22 undergraduate students have been working in seven different groups to create narratives of queer topics specific to Iowa’s history in a class called Queer Movements: Queer of Color Literature and Theory.

University of Iowa English Ph.D. student Enrico Bruno is in his final year of graduate school. Being a fellow for the English department this year, he was able to teach a course for English majors and was also able to pitch this idea to the department.

“The focus of my course consists of queer writers of color and as I moved through the novels and the major texts we were reading, I really wanted to make sure the work was informed by the historical moments that these texts emerged from,” Bruno said. “So a big focus of my class is on the local and on the community and the way that texts emerged from local communities.”