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Steven Clay, Granary Books

February 15, 2019 - 3:00pm
Main Library Gallery

Public conversation with Steven Clay, the publisher and proprietor of Granary Books.


Exhibition curated by English Professor Jennifer Buckley, Seeking Seeing Feeling Reading: Granary Books, runs from February 1 - March 15 in the Main Library Gallery.

For three decades, Granary Books has brought together writers, artists, and bookmakers committed to exploring and expanding the relations among the verbal, visual, and other arts. Presenting a selection of UI Libraries’ comprehensive collection of Granary editions, this exhibition traces Granary publisher Steven Clay’s career from his beginnings as a UI undergraduate in the 1970s to his present position as one of the most significant independent publishers in the US. Selected items include printed matter in a wide variety of formats, among them Western and accordion-fold codices, broadsides, and a wall-hung contemporary quipu.