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Victorian & Edwardian

The Victorian and Edwardian program offers a range of critical, theoretical, historical, feminist and cultural-studies-based approaches. It provides graduate surveys and rotating seminars in topics such as “Victorian Historicism,” “The Victorian Marriage Plot,” “Victorian and Edwardian Women Poets,” “Victorian Periodicals and Their Readers,” and “The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Fin-de-Siècle Descendents.”

In the context of an interdisciplinary “Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Colloquium,” faculty members in these and related areas in other departments offer coursework and presentations in subjects such as 19th-century theater, Victorian and colonial history, and transatlantic literary modernism.

The department also hosts the Freedman Lecture Series, which has featured such leading figures in nineteenth-century British literary and cultural study and related arts as Frances Ferguson, Michael Fried, Catherine Gallagher, Deidre Lynch, Fredric Jameson, Franco Moretti, Eve Kossofsky Sedgwick, Katie Trumpener, and Herbert Tucker.

Departmental participation in the University of California at Santa Cruz’ “Dickens Universe” has also offered two graduate students each year the opportunity to attend and lecture at ten-day summer sessions in California each year.