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Abstracts: Volume 91, Number 2

Philological Quarterly

Volume 91, Number 2 

Spring 2012

Special Issue: Shakespeare for Sale




“Introduction: Shakespeare for Sale” by Adam G. Hooks

The Market for Playbooks and the Development of the Reading Public by Peter Berek

“Serials, Spinoffs, and Histories: Selling Shakespeare’ in Collection before the Folio” by Tara L. Lyons

“Shakespeare’s Theatrical Folio” by Francis X. Connor

“The Shakespeare Apocrypha and Canonical Expansion in the Marketplace” by Peter Kirwan

“Arms and the Book: Workes,’ Playes,’ and Warlike Accoutrements’ in William Cavendish’s The Country Captain” by Vimala C. Pasupathi

“Playbills, Prologues and Playbooks: Selling Shakespeare Adaptations, 1678–82” by Emma Lesley Depledge

Book Review by Angelica Duran

Book Review by Alexander Pettit