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Ryan Furlong

Curriculum Vitae:

Research Interests

Colonial, Antebellum, and Nineteenth-Century American Literatures, Religion and Literature, Environmental Humanities, and American Indian Studies.

Ryan D. Furlong is an English Ph.D. student and current research assistant for The Walt Whitman Archive, transcribing and encoding Walt Whitman's post-reconstruction correspondence. Broadly speaking, his research foci include colonial, antebellum, and nineteenth-century literatures, with particular emphases in the American Renaissance and Transcendentalism. As an Americanist, topics such as religion and literature, environmental humanities, and American Indian studies are central to his academic pursuits. However, transatlanticism continually extends his research beyond the temporal and national borders that house American literature. 

 He obtained his BA in English and History (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with various honors and distinctions. Before attending the University of Iowa, he taught English and history in the secondary schools near his hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota. In doing so, he also took several pedagogical courses, obtained teacher licenses in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and developed highly effective secondary English curriculum. This balance between pedagogical experience and academic preparation fuels his drive to offer his students a rigorous education with thoughtful instruction.