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Rachel Walerstein

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Curriculum Vitae:

Research Interests

Late 19th, Early 20th century American Literature, Queer Theory, Affect Studies, Labor

I’m currently a PhD candidate in the department studying American literature from about 1840-1940. My research asks how sexological and psychoanalytic discourses can be gleaned from the anxieties presented in American literature. More specifically, I consider the ways in which the disavowal of one’s affect at any given moment is both a response to and articulation of the scientific language being developed to categorize sex/uality. My goal is to parse the affective investments of America’s citizens required by the rise of industrialization, and those same citizens subsequent working through of those investments.

I currently teach in the Rhetoric department, developing freshman into critically capacious thinkers and people. I am also a Coordinating Committee member for the Coalition to Organize Graduate Students (COGS), our local graduate student union.