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Enrico Bruno

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Enrico Bruno is a PhD student in English studying American literature from the late 19th century to today. His literary interests include early African-American literature, the migration of fabulist trends across geographic and cultural boundaries, and literature of the American South. In his research, he is particularly interested in the role of community/communal action and the use of fabulist tropes in narratives of the plantation and postplantation, especially as a means of escape. Before coming to Iowa, he earned a BA in English and Creative Writing from The College of New Jersey and worked in the publishing industry in NYC.

Enrico currently teaches for the General Education Literature program. In readings spanning from Giambattista Basile's 17th century fairy tales to 21st century sci-fi, his course aims to help students understand how writers make use of fabulist tropes to discuss real-world issues. He previously taught Rhetoric, a course focused on the art of effective speaking and writing. He also works in the University's Writing Center and is the editor of the Writing Center magazine, Voices.