Colleen Kennedy

Colleen Kennedy Photo
Visiting Assistant Professor
472 EPB
Curriculum Vitae: 

I teach, research, and write about early modern drama, poetry, and prose works, such as recipe books and plague pamphlets. My research finds sensuous connections between early modern artifacts and literary conventions. In my current book project, Comparisons are Odorous, I find that personal and symbolic aromas seep into and affect the conventions of early modern drama in ways not previously recognized. This calls for a return to the text, as writers must grapple with metaphors as they attempt to define and describe something as elusive, ephemeral, and yet affective as an odor. 

In addition, after studying in the Royal Shakespeare Company's pedagogical program Stand-Up for Shakespeare, I started further research about best practices for teaching Shakespeare, implementing dramatic ensemble building in the classroom, and using theatrical exercises for early literacy interventions.