Stephanie Tsank

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Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
American literature, realism, food studies, empire studies, writing and tutoring pedagogy

Stephanie Tsank is a doctoral candidate in English, and her dissertation, “Eating the American Dream: Food, Ethnicity, and Assimilation in American Literary Realism, 1893-1918” explores how food scenes are used by American authors to characterize immigrants in works of realism, helping to establish a national narrative of cultural pluralism, and alternately, exclusion. Her project traces culinary and literary narratives alongside one another to explore how, together, they shape ideas about what it meant to be an "ideal" American at the turn of the twentieth century. Stephanie’s work on culinary appropriation and immigrant displacement in Willa Cather’s My Ántonia is currently forthcoming in The Willa Cather Review, and in the past, her work has appeared in the Southern Literary Journal, Plath Profiles, and Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing.

In 2017, Stephanie organized and chaired a panel at MLA titled “Contemporary Immigrant Food Narratives: Culture, Capital, and Genre,” and has previously presented her research at Yale, the University of California—San Diego, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Iowa. In 2016, Stephanie was accepted to the Dartmouth Futures of American Studies Institute, where she presented a portion of her dissertation.   

Stephanie is currently teaching Interpretation of Literature, and her course, titled “Consumption in Literature,” encourages students to consider how writers ranging from Toni Morrison to Edgar Allan Poe explore themes of hunger and desire in their works. Stephanie has also taught in the Rhetoric department, specifically Rhetoric, Rhetoric for business majors, and Speaking and Reading. Stephanie has tutored in multiple colleges on campus, and in 2016, she presented a paper at the Midwest Writing Association on working with students enrolled in Writing for Academic Success. In addition, Stephanie has served as a teaching mentor in both the English and Rhetoric departments, and in 2017 received the W.R. Irwin Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded by the English department.

Stephanie is the Food Editor at Entropy Magazine, an online literary journal based out of Los Angeles, as well as editorial assistant to The Cambridge History of the Literature of the U.S. South. In the past, she has served as Managing Editor of the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, and continues to embrace opportunities to work in editorial capacities related to her interests. Stephanie holds a master’s degree in Liberal Studies from the CUNY Graduate Center, and earned her bachelor’s degree in creative writing at UCSD.