"Life After: Activist Memorials and Digital Collaboration"

Oct 11, 2013
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From 9:30am-6pm on Friday, October 11
Old Capitol Museum and the Iowa Theater (in the IMU). Reception following at the Englert Theatre.

Inspired by deepening public and research interest in memory and commemoration, this one-day event unites local and guest artists and scholars from several backgrounds whose work intersects with public and/or digital humanities exploring the activist potentials of memorial practices. Once a concept dominated by the monolithic monuments of state, today’s memorial studies relish alternatives, layers, and collaboration, often reframing old spaces or creating new ones through digital technologies. By engaging rather than unceremoniously burying dark and even invisible pasts, we find knowledge to build better futures.

From 9:30am-6pm on Friday, October 11, a “show‐and‐tell” conversational format will allow participants and audiences from many backgrounds to make the most of their common ground in roundtables and public discussions, as well as art, performance, and the world premiere of a new song cycle.