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Howley’s Thesis Workshop Clinches Win in the 114th Annual NWP Bowling Tournament

Kerry Howley's Thesis Workshop (aka The Bad Class)

The 114th Annual NWP Bowling Tournament, held at Colonial Lanes in November, was a riveting nail-biter this year, with Kerry Howley’s Graduate Thesis Workshop pulling ahead for the win. The triumphant team’s name? The Bad Class.

We caught up with two of the athletes, third year NWP students Alexander Pines and Daniel Cronin, to talk about their stunning victory.

How did it feel winning this year’s NWP Bowling Tournament?

Pines said, “Writing is a strange, isolating experience—especially after many of us come to Iowa from lives and people elsewhere. It’s easy to get lost in your own project world, especially during thesis year, so it meant a lot that my cohort and I made the time to practice as a team, cheer each other on, and ultimately have that pay off.”

Cronin put it more succinctly: “It felt correct to win.”

How would you describe your competition?

Pines: “Striking sartorially, innovative in bowling technique, not enough glitter.”

Cronin: “What competition?”

What tips would you give other teams aspiring to win the annual NWP Bowling Tournament?

Pines: “Know your [bowling] balls.”

Cronin: “Work harder.”

Care to explain your team name, The Bad Class?

Pines: “As Captain Kerry ‘About-Ness Monster’ Howley said when we were choosing from our (long) list of ideas, it had ‘the most subtext.’”

Cronin: Could not be reached for comment.

Also notable about this year’s tournament was the loss of John D’Agata’s team—the first time D’Agata’s workshop has lost in the tournament’s 114-year history.

“It was sobering,” D’Agata said. “But at the very least it was encouraging to know that we had the best t-shirts.”

Equally encouraging was the splendid sportsmanship* of all involved. Per the tournament’s rules and traditions, the two losing teams provided the championship Bad Class with a special savory and sweet snack during their workshop meeting immediately following the tournament.