The Nonfiction Writing Program

Award Tally Tallies a Lot of Awards

The NWP’s intern has discovered that the program’s alumni have received an impressive number of awards over the past ten years.

“These numbers are amazing for a program our size,” director John D’Agata, NWP ‘98 reports. “Remember, we’ve only been around for 40 years, and we only admit about ten new students each year. So compared to other programs we’re proportionately winning a butt-load of awards”

On average, the NWP’s alumni publish two dozen books each year and earn several major awards. Among those honors over the past ten years, NWP alumni have received:
19 Pushcart Prizes
8 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships
8 PEN Awards
7 Rhona Jaffe Awards
7 Best American Essays
6 Guggenheim Fellowships
5 Whiting Writers Awards
4 Howard Foundation Fellowships
4 Fulbright Fellowships
3 National Magazine Awards
2 National Book Critics Circle Awards
2 Lannan Literary Awards
1 Lambda Literary Award
1 MacArthur

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