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Recent PhD Dissertations


Heidi Renee Aijala, "“The Steam that Is to Work the Engines”: Women’s Writing and the Rise of Steam Power in Victorian Britain" (Florence Boos, dir.).

Enrico Bruno   (Michael Hill and Lena Hill co-dirs)

Ryan Furlong (Lori Branch, dir.)

Laura Hayes, "Vital Compositions: Writing Matter in Victorian Literature and Culture" (Florence Boos, dir.)

Makayla Steiner (Lori Branch, dir.)


Alexander Ashland, "The Documentary Turn: U.S. Literature in the Age of Compromise, 1850-1877" (Kathleen Diffley and Stephen Voyce, co-dirs.)

Faith Avery, "Violence and Citizenship in 21st-Century American Documentary Poetics" (Claire Fox and Naomi Greyser, co-dirs.)

Benjamin Batzer, "Reading Literary Trauma: A Narratological Approach" (Marie Kruger and Doris

Haley Larson, "Writing That Reads: Collage Poetics and Aesthetic Techniques as Media Literacies" (Stephen Voyce and Jennifer Buckley, co-dirs.)

Lydia Maunz, "Testament of Grief: A Cripistemology of Somatic Loss in Women's Writing of the First World War" (Florence Boos, dir.)

Annemarie Pearson, " A Land of Enchantment: Fictional Spain Through the Eyes of British Travelers, 1776-1867" (Laura Rigal, dir.)

Caitlyn Simmons, "Dispossession and Survivance in the Literature of Atrocity" (Kevin Kopelson and Loren Glass, co-dirs.)

Rachel Walerstein, "Masculine Gestures: Imitation and Initiation in American Modernism" (Kevin Kopelson and Loren Glass co-dirs.)


Matthew Blackwell, "Creating the Cold War Canon: A History of the Center for Editions of American Authors" (Matthew Brown, dir.)

Chelsea Burk, "Poetics of the Document and Documentary Poetics: Documentary Poetry by Women, 1938-2015" (Stephen Voyce, dir.)

Ian Faith, "Gaming Literature: How Digital Games Have Changed Literary Fiction and Performance" (Stepehn Voyce, dir.)

Gemma Goodale-Sussen, "The Town, The Prison, and the Collection: The case for a Criminological Modernism" (Harry Stecopoulos, dir.)

Corey Hickner-Johnson, "Beyond the Attic: Mental Disability and Neurodiversity in Contemporary Women's Writing" (Doris Witt and Douglas Baynton, co-dirs.)

Akia Jackson, "The Mobility of Memory and Shame: African-American and Afro-Caribbean Women's Fiction 1980s-1990" (Miriam Thaggert, dir.)

Miriam Janechek, "Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: becoming an adult in four Golden Age children's novels" (Lori Branch, dir.)

Katherine Nesbit, "Listening to Reading Aloud: Literacy and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century England" (Garrett Stewart and Judith Pascoe, co-dirs.)

Spenser Santos, "Translating the Past: Medieval English Exodus Narratives" (Jonathan Wilcox, dir.)

Anna Williams, "My Gothic Dissertation: A Podcast" (Jeff Porter, dir.)


Nellene Benhardus, "British Literary Decadence and Religion" (Florence Boos, dir.)

Kelly Budruweit, "Believing in Books: Twenty-First Century Fantasy and the Re-Enchantment of Literary Value" (Claire Fox and Brooks Landon, co-dirs.)

Brett Defries, "Physical Affection: Philosophies of Lovability in Early Modern Manuscript Literature" (Blaine Greteman, dir.)

Samuel Fitzpatrick, "Descent into the Easy Rawlings Mysteries Series: Walter Mosley and the Return of the Black Detective" (Michael Hill, dir.)

Lisa Jackson,"Ocean Views: Elizabeth Bowen and Women's Transnational Modernism" (Mary Lou Emery and Florence Boos, co-dirs.)

Marija Reiff, "The Syncretic Stage: Religion and Popular Drama During the Fin De Siecle" (Lori Branch, dir.)

Lauren Rosales, "Dismissed Outright: Creating a Space for Contemporary Genre Fiction Withink Neo-Victorian Studies" (Florence Boos, dir.)

Stefan Schoeberlein, "Cerebral Imaginaries: Brains and Literature in the Transatlantic Sphere, 1800-1880" (Ed Folsom, dir.)

Bethany Smith, "Guilty Pleasures: Piety, Profanity, and Incongruity in the Land of Cokaygne, the Miller" Tale, and the King of Tars (Jonathan Wilcox, dir.)

 Michelle Taylor, "From Sentiment to Sagacity to Subjectivity: Dogs and Genre in Nineteenth-Century British Literature" (Teresa Mangum, dir.)

Stephanie Tsank, "Eating the American Dream: Food, Ethnicity, and Assimilation in Amercian Literary Realism, 1893 - 1918" (Harry Stecopoulos and Doris Witt, co-dirs.)


Jacob Bender, “Latin Labyrinths, Celtic Knots: The Modernisms of the Dead in Irish and Latin American Literature” (Claire Fox, dir.)

Nicholas Borchert, “Nameless Wonders and Dumb Despair: Rhetorics of Silence in Mid-Nineteenth-Century U.S. Poetry and Culture” (Ed Folsom, dir.)

Nicolas Cooley, “‘Extensions of Ourselves’: Hand Tools and the Construction of Nature in Nineteenth-Century American Literature” (Laura Rigal and Bluford Adams, co-dirs.)

Justin Cosner, “Make-Believe: Uncertainty, Faith, and Alterity in Nineteenth Century Supernatural Short Stories” (Lori Branch, dir.)

Jennifer Janechek, “‘A Machine to Hear for Them’: Telephony, Modernism, and the Mother Tongue” (Garrett Stewart, dir.)

Laura Kuhlman, “The Beat Goes On: Women Writers of the Beat Generation” (Loren Glass, dir.)

Brent Krammes, “What Kind of Gallery Is a Book?: Representation in U.S. Print Culture, 1880-1940” (Lena Hill, dir.)

Jillian Linster, “Books, Bodies, and the ‘Great labor’ of Helkiah Crooke’s Mikrokosmographia” (Adam Hooks, dir.)

Annmarie Steffes, “Between Page and Stage: Victorian and Edwardian Women Playwrights and the Literary Drama, 1860-1910” (Florence Boos, dir.)


Lacey Askeland, “Tapping Wires and Touching Nerves: Telegraphy and Embodiment of Antebellum Narratives” (Kathleen Diffley, dir.)

Raquel Baker, “Undoing Whiteness: Postcolonial Identity and the Unfinished Project of Decolonization” (Peter Nazareth, dir.)

Sean De Vega,” Translation and Transgression in William Morris’s The Aeneids of Vergil (1875)” (Florence Boos, dir.)

Nicholas Kelly, “The Freedom of Information Hacked: Console Cowboys, Computer Wizards, and Personal Freedom in the Digital Age” (Brooks Landon, dir.)

Zachary King, “Comic Book Realism: Sincerity, Ethics, and the Superhero in Contemporary American Literature” (Brooks Landon, dir.)

Jacquelynn (Jackie) Kleist, “Persuasion and Resistance: How Migrant Women Use Life Writing” (Claire Fox, dir.)

Sarah Livesay, “Literature as Countermemorial: Challenging Histories, Creating Memories, and Reckoning with Absences in Contemporary American Literature“(Stephen Voyce, dir.)

Jennifer Loman, “Shame, Christian Hospitality, and the American Writer” (Phillip Round and Kristy Nabhan-Warren, co-dirs.)

Christine Norquest, “‘The endless roar in which we live’: The Figure of Noise in Nineteenth Century U.S. Literature” (Harry Stecopoulos, dir.)

Gemmicka Piper, “Black Intimacy in the Popular Imagination: Re-examining African American Women’s Literature from 1965-2000” (Michael Hill and Miriam Thaggert, co-dirs.)

Jennifer Shook, “”Unending Trails: Oklahoma-as-Indian-Territory in Performance, Print, and Digital Archives” (Matthew Brown, dir.)


Cassandra Bausman, “A Noted Departure: Feminist Revision and Metafiction as Critical and Creative Strategy in a Tradition of Fantasy Literature” (Brooks Landon, dir.).

Shuhita Bhattacharjee, “The ‘Crisis’ Cornucopia: Anxieties of Religion and ‘Secularism’ in Victorian Fiction of Colony and Gender, 1880-1900 (Lori Branch, dir.).

Blake Bronson-Bartlett, “Whitman’s Inscriptions: Poetics in the Nineteenth-Century American City” (Ed Folsom, dir.).

Christopher Burgess, “Passionate Eloquence: Rhetoric and Emotion in Medieval English Poetry” (Jonathan Wilcox, dir.).

Dorothy Giannakouros,'"That Other World of Light and Rainbows and Possibilities": An Exploration of Child Narration in Post-Colonial Sub-Saharan African Literature and Film'   (Marie Kruger, dir.).

Robert Gillespie, “Shades of an Urban Frontier: Historical Resonances in the Cities of Black and Anglophone SF” (Brooks Landon, dir.).

Jessica Lawson, “The Subject of Bodies: Feminism, literature and the push beyond dualism” (Naomi Greyser and David Wittenberg, co-dirs.).

Elizabeth Lundberg “Reading Ruptures: Empathy, Gender, and the Literature of Bodily Permeability” (Brooks Landon, dir.).

Sonja Mayrhofer, “The Body (Un)Balanced: Humoral Theory and Late Medieval Literature” (Claire Sponsler, dir.).

Benjamin Miele, “God’s Spies”: Reading, Revelation, and the Poetics of Surveillance in Early Modern England” (Adam Hooks, dir.).

Joshua Miner, "Indian Agencies: Native Poetics of Resistance in a Bureaucratic Landscape" (Linda Bolton, dir.).

Jennifer McGovern, “The Captive Press: Captivity Narratives, Print Networks, and Regional Prospects, 1838-1895” (Kathleen Diffley, dir.).

Eve Rosenbaum, “Bringing Daylight with Them: American Writers and Civil War Washington” (Kathleen Diffley, dir.).

Elizabeth Sanders, “Enchanting Belief: Religion and Secularism in the Victorian Supernatural Novel” (Lori Branch, dir.).

Michael Sarabia, “The Extinction of Fiction: Boundary Breaking and The Acknowledgment of Character in Medieval Literature” (Jon Wilcox, dir.).

Timothy Robbins “Turn and Live with Animals’: Walt Whitman and the Making of the American Sociological Imagination, 1870-1940” (Ed Folsom, dir.).

Rebecca Roma Stoll, “The Aesthetic Pleasures of Pain, 1688-1805(Lori Branch, dir.).

Andrew Williams, “Tolerable Faiths: Religious Toleration, Secularism and the Eighteen-Century British Novel” (Lori Branch, dir.).


Katherine Bishop, “War in the Margins: Illustrating Anti-Imperialism in American Culture” (Harry Stecopoulos, dir.)

Thomas Blake, “Royal Materials: The Object of Queenship in Late Medieval English Romance” (Kathy Lavezzo, dir.)

Daniel Boscaljon, “Gothic Haunts” (Ed Folsom and David Wittenberg, co-dirs.)

Kelly Franklin, “Out of Place: Walt Whitman and the Latin American Avant-Gardes” (Ed Folsom and Claire Fox, co-dirs.)

Jacob Horn, “Tracking the Great Detective: an Investigation into Sherlock Holmes’s Persistence and Contemporary Relevance” (Corey Creekmur, dir.)

Katherine Montgomery, “Drear flight and homeless wandering”: Gender, Economics, and Crises of Identity in Mid-Victorian Women’s Fiction” (Florence Boos, dir.)

Anna Newnum, “The Poetry of Religion and the Prose of Life: From Evangelicalism to Immanence in British Women’s Writing, 1835-1925” (Florence Boos, dir.)

Taryne Taylor, “Remembering the Future, Redefining the Past: A Study of Nineteenth Century British Feminist Utopias” (Florence Boos, dir.)

Johanna Tomlinson, “Playing with Words: Child Voices in British Fantasy Literature for Children 1749-1906” (Teresa Mangum, dir.)

Angela Watkins, “Mambos, Priestesses, and Goddesses: Spiritual Healing Through Vodou in Black Women’s Narratives of Haiti and New Orleans” (Mary Lou Emery, dir.)