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Overseas Writing Workshop

Student writing on balcony

Frequently, a group of students and faculty from the Nonfiction Writing Program travels to another country and spends several weeks participating in the Overseas Writing Workshop.  The Overseas Writing Workshop is entirely optional.  These excursions are led by various faculty members and are designed to introduce students to writers of nonfiction in other cultures, as well as other ways of interoperating the genre.

The next Overseas Writing Workshop will be a trip to Greece to trace the life and writing of Plutarch, the first true pioneer of the essay.

Previous Overseas Writing Workshops:

  • Athens, Greece in 2018
  • Havana, Cuba in 2015
  • Melbourne, Australia in 2013
  • Havana, Cuba in 2012
  • Manila, Philippines in 2011
  • Queensland, Australia in 2010
  • Croatia, Slovenia & Northern Italy in 2009
  • Hong Kong & Macau in 2008
  • South of France in 2007
  • Manila, Philippines in 2006


Students in Greece.
Waters of Greece.
Women of Greece.
Group of students in the Philippines.
Student with a large drink.
Students reading.
Waters of the Phillippines.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong